Is Net Neutrality Dead???

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The FCC announced last Thursday that the current rules will expire on the 11th of June. If you still don’t know what it is check out our other story on it here . The Senate had a vote to disapprove the restrictions, but I don’t, and many experts think it’s unlikely the House of representatives  will turn the way some want. I’m just hoping for the best. For example in Portugal you would have to pay  $6 a month to use apps like Snapchat, Netflix, Youtube and Spotify. Here is my own perspective on this issue: we should not pay for some of these services if we are already paying $10.99 a month for Netflix, so lets just hope it doesn’t end up like it is in other countries. I think in some ways the use of the internet is like having Freedom of Speech. I’m just thinking if the FCC gets their way I won’t go on the internet as much as I do. Here is a number to call our state representatives. (202) 224-3121 and hopefully change their opinion.

This in Spain and Portgual and how it could be in the US.