Pioneer Valley High School's Panther Tales

2017-2018 Staff

Zander Moreno


Hello, please address me as queen (not a dictatorship but not a monarchy; benevolent leader) and never forget that cold pockets should exist. Thanksgiving? a tragedy in three parts! Celebrate the nice things like new years, Hanuk...

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Alexis Dagar

Managing Editor

Heyooo. My name is Alexis Dagar, a junior here at Pioneer Valley High School, and I have been a part of the Panther Tales for three years. This opportunity has helped me flourish as a writer and as a person. I have seen the...

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Charlotte Ionata

Sports Editor

I’m Charlotte and I am in four clubs: Yearbook, Athletic Council, Link Crew, and the Student Advisory Panel. I’ve also played three sport since freshman year: volleyball, water polo, and I throw shot-put and disc for track....

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Mariah Arellano

Sports Editor

Hey everyone, I am  a Sports Editor here at Pioneer Valley and I am  a Varsity Softball player and I am in Yearbook. I really enjoy sports epicially Baseball and Football. My favorite food is any type of Chinese food, or Mexican...

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Elizabeth Morales

Copy Editor

My name is Elizabeth Morales and I'm a Senior here at Pioneer Valley High School. I'm the Copy Editor and Clubs Editor for the Panther Tales which has made me a better writer and reporter. I have gotten comfortable interviewing...

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Jackie Cruz


helloooo! My name is Jackie Cruz and I'm a junior. Also I'm a reporter for Pioneer Valley High School newspaper.  I like to trying new things and go to new places. I like taking pictures of other people but I'm bad at taking...

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Selen Arechiga


My name is Selen Arechiga, and I'm a junior at Pioneer Valley. I am sixteen years old and was born in July 2001. I have been part of the Panther Tales for one year and so far it has been really fun and a really great experience. I...

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Jayda Sena


Hello there! My name is Jayda and I am a sophomore. I have a fraternal twin and if you ever see us together you will see how different we really are and I am the youngest of the both of us. I'm a reporter for the PVHS Panther...

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Andrea Meza


Hey there! My name is Andrea Meza, but you can call me Drea. I’m a senior here at Pioneer Valley High School. AND I really like pineapples.🍍 Check out some of my stories I uploaded! ...

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Alasaundra Silva


Alasaundra Silva that's me. I'm a senior who feels like a senior citizen. I'm a person of many interests ranging from 2000s emo music to Sinatra. I thrive off of creativity and laughter. I'm a writer who dabbles in the arts. I...

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Jonathan Hedlund


My name is Jonathan Hedlund and I am a senior here at Pioneer Valley High School. This is my second year of being part of the Panther Tales and Yearbook for which I am a reporter & photographer. I have a wide range of hobbies...

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Lauren Limon


My name is Lauren Limon and I’m a senior at Pioneer Valley. I am the yearbook Editor-in-Chief and a reporter for the Panther Tales. I usually report on sports events and all school rallies. Photography has always been something ...

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Domonic Ponce


My name is Domonic Ponce and I am very involved with school activities. I am a junior at Pioneer Valley High School and I am a varsity football, wrestler, and volleyball player. I am enrolled in many clubs such as, FFA, Ballet...

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Lizette Ramirez Mendoza


My name is Lizette Ramirez but you can call me Liz. I'm a junior at PVHS. I'm 16 years old, born in January of 2001. I'm an only child, but I have a dog named Candy. I enjoy eating and sleeping. I also enjoy going to school and...

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Daniel Rodriguez


My name is Daniel Rodriguez, and I'm a senior here at PVHS. This is my second year as a Panther Tales reporter.  The Panther Tales has inspired me to become a photographer. After school, I would want to go to Allan Hancock College...

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Keydi Gracida


Hello, I'm Keydi Gracida a senior at Pioneer Valley and I am a reporter for Panther Tales . What my publications are going to consist of is makeup, trends, and a little bit of events/stories around the world. I currently volunteer...

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Stefanie Bribiesca


Hi, my name is Stefanie Bribiesca I’m a junior here at Pioneer Valley. I'm currently a reporter in the Panther Tales. I'm a volunteer catechist at St. John Neumann and also volunteer at Merrill Gardens. My publications are mostly...

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Jose Perez


Hello, my name is Jose Perez and I am a reporter for Pioneer Valley High School's Panther Tales. I am a sports photographer mostly but I am open to other stories to work on because my grade depends on it. I myself am a photographer...

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Diana Valenzuela Garcia


My name is Diana Valenzuela Garcia I’m one of your reporters for PVHS. I’m 17 years old. I’m a senior.  I’ve been a reporter for 2 years and I love it.  I encourage you to join the panther tales family.

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Brenda Linares


Hello! My name is Brenda Linares, I am a senior here at Pioneer Valley. I am happy to be part of the PVHS Panther Tales. This organization has brought me many opportunities to meet new people. I enjoy every aspect of it including...

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Eldanabi Delgado


Hi there, my name is Eldanabi but many people can’t pronounce it so they call me Nabi. I am a two-year PV cheerleader and I am also a part of Hiking club, Key Club, Diverse Delacacies, EAOP, Upward Bound and Link crew. My favorite...

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