Banda Night= Best Dance Ever!

On Friday night class of 2019 held the first Banda Night which was an amazing success. Over 150 students showed up and supported class of 2019 by buying agua fresca, tacos, and snacks. We appreciate that both of the bandas volunteered their time and a huge thanks to both class of 2019 and ASB for organizing this event.

“I loved Banda night, I got to dance all night with my friends. Those who didn’t come missed out”-Rudy Enriquez (12)
” Banda night, was great I had a blast with my friends. The tacos were really bomb! – Gabriel Vargas (12, left side)











“Banda night was such a great night. It was something that we’ve never had at our school so it was definitely one for the books. My favorite part was when Banda came to the crowd and got crazy. Everyone had their boots on and danced till the end.”-Gisselle Espindola (12)
“Banda night was amazing, our school should definitely do more dances like this in the future. My favorite part of the night was dancing with my friends and just having a great time.”-Nataile Castillo (12)










“I loved Banda night, it was really amazing hopefully we can do this again. I loved that all my friends where dancing nonstop”-Leslie Espindola (12)

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