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Dealing with finals and stress

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Every year the teachers always give a really big test at the end of the year most commonly known as finals. And every year all high school students stress about getting a good grade because finals are worth a lot,sometimes up to 1/3 of the grade! Why do teachers do this to students? Its almost as if its rigged, you pass the final you’re grade goes up like 2% you fail the final and the grade suddenly dropped like 10% (a whole letter grade)!!! Well even though finals is a tough time students still share their tips and secrets to coping with stress and how they deal with finals.

“I believe that finals are unnecessary and unfair especially to students who have also taken AP tests! Although some teachers just let the AP test exempt the final and for that I’m grateful. I believe my easiest final would be my English final because it is based off the book that I am ACTUALLY reading. My advice to students who are also stressing out about finals is to take time to study the materials. Go to their teacher and ask what will the final consist so they can study.” -Brigitte Vargas (11)

“This year I feel ready and unafraid for finals. I already took more than half of my finals. I passed the finals I already took. I’m not ready for my math final. I need to study a bit more. I don’t think that having a final after an AP tests for the class subject is fair. All year we prepare for the AP tests not the final for the class. Teachers who teach AP courses should not include a final. I believe that my AP English final will be the easiest. Advice I would give to students who are stressing to take everything day by day. To study as much as they can before the final.”- Fatima Chavez (11)

“I believe I’m ready for them the only thing that brings me down is the lack of sleep . I think it’s not fair to have finals at all after amp testing. I believe as an ap student we prepare for amp testing mostly and having a final I feline like is unfair. The final that will be the easiest will be weight, and ap history because I just gotta swim and show up with cups;) advice I have is to just sleep, sleep is so important and we’re stressing so much seeming I forget to sleep”-Abbylicious Prado (11)


”Finals week is so stressful because I’ve tried hard all year and it adds more stress knowing that these are the grades that colleges will focus most on. I think I’m more stressed over my math anal final because he doesn’t put in grades until Thursday so nobody will ask him to round grades which I do not like because I could be so close to an “A” but not get it because im like 0.03% away. It’s also stressful because next year is senior year and everything is all about timing and I’m not that good at timing because I sometimes leave things to the last minute.”- Nathalia Gomez (11)

“I think finals are very stressful and that all AP teachers should not give any finals if students take the AP test. I wouldn’t leave all the studying for last minute if I could redo this year and actually study everything throughout the year.” Clarissa Arredondo (11)