Career of the week: Architecture

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This career is connected to both the science and the arts. This career can define a town and set it on the map. For example London is most commonly known because of Big Ben, Paris is known for the Eiffel Tower and New York for the Statue of Liberty. As an architect you will learn how to make models of what you design and how that can affect the community in which it’s in. This a really interesting job because not only do architects design new buildings they can also be the ones who restore historical buildings for a town.

What classes should I take ?

Some classes you should take should you choose to explore the world of architect are; design, architectural history and theory art history, photography, technical drawing and graphic arts.

What will I do?

Well, aside from building and restoring buildings you will also work with a team to decide weather or not the building will stand many conditions such as snow, storm ,and sometimes earthquake. You may also be asked to design and create a small model of what you designed in order to see weather or not the structure is sound enough before its built, it will most likely be a way to plead your case on why your design is the best and should be chosen and built over others.

What colleges should I consider for this career?

Well the most well known would probably be Cal Poly because its one of the best colleges and its only 40 mins away

And of course Cal Poly Pomona will also have a great architecture program

Then of course the most commonly applied to universities in California (some) of the UC’s




UC Berkeley