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PVHS Concert and Jazz Choir Performance

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On May 15th,  our Jazz and Concert Choir performed their last performance of the year. 18 of our Seniors performed their last performance of their senior year. And their were 7  brave soloists. And they’re as followed: Cleo Garcia, Letarian Brandon, Alexis Morse, Jovanny Medina, Natalie Navarrete, Anahi Gonzalez , and Daniel Geiger. The performance was wonderful! Great job to the music staff, and a HUGE thank you to the Seniors who have been in Choir throughout their four years, and especially for Mr. Hernandez for his time and effort to teach his kids about Choir.

Joseph Ruiz (12)
“Throughout my performance, I felt pretty good. I felt pretty confident, I was nervous at the beginning, but towards the end, I was getting used to it. I felt pretty good. What I’m going to miss about Choir is all of the people. All of my friends that I met, especially Daniel Geiger. And just getting to know new people was probably the best part.”

Cleo Garcia (12)
“What I’ve been doing to get ready for the concert is a lot of practice and a lot of trying my best to avoid any Dairy, and a lot of practicing pretty much. As of my last performance, I am very excited. I am very very excited that this is my last concert. And that this will ever happen with these people. I’m going to miss them so much and I hope that this is the most memorable time that we have together.”

Edrick Rodriguez (12)
“Well, Its not just me, its my fellow choir mates that have been getting ready for this performance. We’ve been rehearsing everyday. Everyday, we try to perfect it. We’ve been working hard to get where we are today. So, it was just a lot of hard work we put into a lot of practice. As of my last performance, its pretty emotional to be doing this last concert. Because, 4 years in the making and this is our last year here. And for the last few people that have been working for the past four years, especially for the people who been her. It’s going to be emotional and its a good feeling.”

“Jazz Choir rehearses everyday in the morning for our first period so that’s our rehearsal. Also we had a few school rehearsals. For our last performance, it’s bitter sweet well I don’t know. It hasn’t hit me yet that this is the last concert. I love these guys, it’s been four years. Right now, it just feels like any other concert. But I’ll sure it’ll hit me. So, I’ll probably cry or something. But I don’t like that.” -Daniel Geiger (12)

Letarian Brandon (12) “To get ready for the concert, I tried not to eat any unhealthy food, because it clogs your throat. Other than that, I’m just practicing constantly. It does upset me a bit that this is my last high school concert. But at the same time, I am glad that it’s over. Not in a bad way, it’s just has been a really good experience.”

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