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The Incredibles 2 coming out soon?!

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! After more than a decade of waiting, the movie “The Incredibles 2” has officially been announced to be in theaters on Jun 15, 2018. This movie has been the most awaited from our generation. The big question is, will it do as well as the first one?

Emily Orozco (11)

“In my opinion I don’t think the Incredibles 2 will be as good as the first one because I don’t think it’ll live up to people’s expectations. I think the age group that will be mostly seen in the premier of this movie will be 17-25 because all the 2000 babies will be there.  I really hope I go watch it and I’m hoping I do because I really loved the first movie! Growing up I loved all animated movies but my favorite one was toy story!”

Jairo Rojas (11)

“Yes, I think the Incredibles 2 will be as good as the first one because the hype behind the movie is huge. I feel like kids and teens will be the most seen on the premier of the movie. I know I will fore sure go watch it and I have high hopes I’ll like it as much as I liked the first movie. To be honest I think the Incredibles was my favorite movie when I was little and this is why I’m so excited for this sequel.”

Bessy Medina (9)

“I think the new Incredible’s movie will be awesome! It should be better than the first one, I hope it is because I am really eager to see it. I think our age group, teens, will show up more to see it because it was like a childhood movie that most little kids liked to watch and I’m sure all of us were waiting for part 2 to come. As a child for me personally it wasn’t my favorite but I do enjoy watching it.”

Desiree Murguia (9)

“I think the new Incredible’s will be great. Just by watching the trailer it looks better than the first one already! It seems to be really funny and will most likely catch our attention easily as much as much as the first one did. I don’t think there will be a specific age group going to see the premier. In my opinion I think it’ll be mostly a family thing where parents bring their kids to the movies. The Incredible’s was truly my favorite movie as a kid. I would watch it a lot.”

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