Career of the Week: Biology

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Career of the Week: Biology

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What does this major practice?

Biologists study living organisms divided into many different fields that cover physiology anatomy behavior and origin. This can be the smallest of germs or even humans and everything in between.  A biologist can concentrate on studying bacteria, fungi ,viruses, etc (microbiology); study the different organisms in the seas and oceans  (marine Biologist); and they can even study how the brain functions (neurobiology).

What courses should I take?

Although each major requires specific classes depending in what area of bio you would like to concentrate in, generally what one can do is take as many lab classes as possible: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ap Biology, as well as AP Environmental Science. Also depending on what field is chosen there is a decent amount of math required and for that it would be best to take, Algebra 1 & 2, Ap Statistics, and Calculus.

Schools With Bio Majors:

Although there are many many universities that offer a general degree in bio , here are some well known

Berkley :




UC Irvine