Khloe Kardashian’s Heartbreak?!

On October 7th Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s now ex boyfriend was recorded cheating on her and was soon plastered all over social media.

“I think Khloe should be excited about her life because the part of having and starting this new family she’s always wanted is something she should see as beautiful. I don’t think her baby daddy regrets what he did because he would not have done this if he would have thought about her daughter. It did not seem like he wanted a family at this young age anyways so it was very easy for him to make this mistake”- Gissel Tadeo (11)
“In my opinion I think Khloe should focus on her kid, just forget about her man and move on. All she needs is her kid and she’s rich so she can be an independent mother without struggle. I do think her baby daddy regrets it just because now he realizes how much he lost for so little. Now his relationship with her daughter will not be as good as it could have been. She shouldn’t forgive him though. It seemed as if he’s done this a few times already and I think the trust is just gone.”- Alma Figueroa (12)
“I think Khloe should be excited for her new life but only for her new born baby girl because her baby daddy cheated. I don’t even think he regrets it because he did it more than once so it isn’t a mistake, it’s an option. She can try to forgive him but shouldn’t forget. I don’t think it would be a good idea to get back with him. I think naming her baby True is whatevers, if she likes it then she likes it.” -Yasminne Perez (10)
“In my opinion, I think Khloe should be excited for her new life because she always wanted a baby and she’s so good with kids. Now she has that and her life is going to change, for the better that is. I don’t like how Tristian cheated on her, I don’t think he regrets it, he did it for a reason. She shouldn’t forgive him because he’ll always be a cheater. My thoughts on naming the baby True are that her man couldn’t be true to her so she has her baby be true to her.” -Saray Gamboa (9)