World Language Fair

The World Language Fair came back again for it’s third annual in PVHS. Tons of people arrived to the fair to see the different types of culture and to munch on some foreign foods made by the people who volunteered for the fair! There were performances, face paint booths, and even a tortilla making booth?!

“The volunteers came on time, it was a whole lot of fun and everything is all colorful!”Candice Morales (12)
“I couldn’t pick a much simpler and easier job. We’ve been here before and it was a lot of fun, would definitely do it again!” – Jessica (Volunteer; left)
“On the day of the fair, we had to wake up early and cook the food. We didn’t have a booth so we had to improvise with school desks, but the day was all great, got to hang out with my friends and everyone had a good time.” – Michael Labastida