Congrats to Our New Student Council

Congratulations to Class of 2019’s new officers:

Serine Alexander, President and her Vice President Irish Saniatan, as well as Secretary Carlos Ruelas

”I decided to run for class president because this year I had experience being a class officer, as a treasurer, and I not only enjoyed taking on the role of helping make decisions for my class but knowing that my classmates can come to me with ideas and concern’s and being able to make their voices heard satisfies me as a leader in the school. As President, it is my goal to tend to the wants and needs of my class throughout our senior year. I hope to help make my class more spirited and involved by creating events that can interest involve everyone.” Serine Alexander
”I was encouraged by my friends, I was interested in doing something different, and wanting to get involved more. My goal as VP would be to have fun to go all out, and to listen to what people are wanting to say. My advice to next year’s class office is to have just have fun, not to really stress and put all your effort.” Irish Saniatan