Week vs Weekend?

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Some people say the week is better than the weekend, but I think the weekend is way better. During the week we spend those days at school learning and being with friends. On the weekend we get to sleep in or go out. I interviewed a few Panthers, being curious about what they do on the weekends and if they prefer the week or weekend and lastly what’s there favorite day?

“What I do on the weekend is spend time with close family members or friends or I go to work. I honestly prefer the weekend instead of the week because I get to relax unless I go to work. My favorite day is Saturday because I get to sleep in all I want. ” -Rudy Enriquez (11)

“Well on the weekend I prefer to go out with my family or sometimes with friends. I prefer the week days because that’swhen I get to see my friends and get time to turn in any work. My favorite day out the weekend is Saturday because there’s so many parties so why not have a little fun.” – Lucy (9)

“I honestly prefer the weekend. The reason why is because I get to relax and chill at home with my family and friends.  I mean the week is great but spending time with my family is way better.” -Alex Garcia (12)

“I prefer the week because I go to school and get to chill with my friends instead of staying home all day doing nothing. School is alright only because I get to see and hang out with my friends. ” – Julian De Leon (12)

“I prefer the weekend instead of the week only because school stresses me out. On the weekend I get to spend time with my family and friends. I usually have bonfires or go out to parties on Saturdays and then on Sundays I just chill and relax.” -Leslie E. (11)