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Career of the Week: Journalism

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What do they do?

Reporters and correspondent researchers are the ones who inform the public of what goes on in the world. They do it by either interviewing, filming or writing news stories that are informative, persuasive or entertaining to send across a message or gain support for a cause. They share the news through newspapers, magazines, radio, television broadcasts, or online through websites, podcasts, blogs, social media or any other digital platforms.  And most of all, reporting is known to be one of the, if not the most competitive career out there.

Journalism Salaries

There really isn’t a set amount of money for all journalists as there are various factors to consider. For example a new level entry journalist is not going to earn as much as an editor or director. (All salaries are annuall)

An editor : $54,890 .

An art director: $80,880.

A broadcast news analyst:$55,380.

A reporter will make $37,090 .

Public relation specialist will make approximately $54,170.

Technical writers and authors will make approximately $65,500.

Why join ?

Well there are many reasons that the journalists choose to become a journalist, such as they are naturally curious , love to travel , and most importantly they enjoy to write. Being a journalist means you are telling other people’s stories and informing others about the current events going on in their community, county ,state country and even globally.

Journalism schools:


Scripps college



When choosing a place to settle down there are many factors to consider especially in this career. One of the most Important things to consider is the location you will live in. For example a journalist from  Santa Maria is not going to have anywhere near as many nationwide read articles as a reporter from Washington D.C. They would also have to consider the expenses and what media company they want to work for.