Please, My Dear

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Please, My Dear

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I am watching you over there,
Your broken body and all.
Lo, balance the rope with care,
But hope to make that one last fall.

Why are you still hanging on, my dear?
You might as well stop trying.
Your toes are held, my friend, by fear.
You are really close to dying.

What holds you back from letting go,
Your flame should be of nothing.
I am blinded from your glow, oh no
I hope your smoke stopped puffing

You stagger now and my home is in sight
But you should know this won’t end well.
Your chin’s still high, and you strive to try;
Don’t you wish to see where I dwell?

Now’s the time to end your one last year,
It’s getting lonely in the dark.
So why don’t you sleep here, my dear
And end that one last spark.