Freshman Officer Candidates Get Interviewed

Get more information on who you’re voting for!

The Freshman officer elections are coming up very soon! Our candidates have been working extremely hard on their campaigning and planning for the year ahead. Today, they’ve been interviewed to give everyone voting a closer look into exactly who is running for Freshman office.

“Hi! I’m Davina Royall. I’m running for Freshman class President and a fun fact about me is that I’m really over-energetic.
“I chose to run to help make everyone have a fantastic year and leave a legacy behind as the best Freshman class PVHS has ever seen!
“If I won, I would listen to everyone’s concerns and ideas about what they want to do, and I also want to include everyone in all activities so they don’t feel left out. I want everyone to feel welcomed in this environment.
“I’m most suitable for this job because I’m very sociable and very outgoing and kind. If I see someone lonely or in need, I’m not just going to stand there; I’m going to go help.
“Freshman class, if you’re reading this, please vote for me as your Class President. I will give you candy :)”
My name is Evelyn and I am running for Vice President and a fun fact about me is that I’ve been playing soccer since I was 4.
“I chose to run for this position because I feel like I can be a very good role model towards my peers and all the other Freshman. I feel like I put myself out there, and I feel like I’m a great role for that position.
“My duties [would be] to help the President with anything that the President might need, or anything that my other Freshman peers might need, too.
“My plans for the year are to make the year better, as the Freshman aren’t very liked on campus, and just make the campus a better environment for all Freshman and for them to feel comfortable.
“The traits that I have are that I’m very social, I can talk to people easily. I know what’s right and what’s wrong.
“For the Freshman audience, just put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid and close yourself off just because other people are doing something that you may want to do. Be yourself, don’t be somebody that you’re not and just have a fun year!”
“Hi, my name is Harley Smith and I’m running for class president and a fun fact about myself is I’ve been doing cheer since I was 6.
“I chose to run for the presidential position because I feel like it’s a good position to make others feel welcome since I’m outgoing; I feel like it’s a position to help people come out of their comfort zone.
“My position as President is leader and role model to the other Freshman, and my goal is to have a good role to lead.
“My plans are to make everyone feel welcome and everyone to have fun at school, and I just want everyone to not be worried about what other people say about them, and have fun with the school year.
“Some traits that I have [that make me suitable for the job] are I’m really outgoing, which can be a good thing in situations, and I’m not really shy; if I see someone sad or something I’ll go up to them and ask them what’s wrong. I’m just outgoing, I can do other things that people can’t.
“Do whatever you love and don’t worry about what other people have to say!”
“I am Juan Diego Tovar and I’m running for President, and one fact about me is that I like to do art.
“I feel like I’m a good person and that I’d be a good fit for being President.
“As President, I would supervise. I plan to make this school a better place.
“Again, I think [I’m fit for presidency because] I’m a good person.
“Just be yourself and pick who you think is the most deserving to be President!”
“Hi, my name is Selia Carmona and I am running for Vice President.
“The reason why I would like to be Class of 2026 Vice President is because I would love to work closely with the President to implement changes that will really impact our school, participate in fun student council events, and step in and take charge whenever the President is not readily available.
“I always make sure that everybody feels welcomed and feels like they have someone to talk to, as well not to feel left out.
“Some good skills I posses are great communication skills, public speaking skills, inter-personal skills, and innovation skills. I work very good in a team and am a team player. I am also a creative person.
“I’m confident that I have the skills that a Vice President should have, and I know that being a Vice President takes a lot of work and determination , but I am willing to do whatever it takes as the former President of Tommie Kunst Junior High. I am experienced enough to know that I will be outstanding Vice President for my class.”

“My name is Gabriellen Augustt, I’m running for treasurer, and a fun fact about myself is that I write stories.
“I chose to run for treasurer because I like working with money and because I had prior experience in 8th grade dealing with money from fundraisers. I believe it would be a good experience for me to do it now so I can apply it later in my life.
“As treasurer, I [would] keep track of all of Freshman ASB’s funding and how much they’re spending on certain events to keep track of how much money we have for our year!
“I am good with math, that is a fact, and numbers in general!
“If you vote for me then the stock market will go way high :)”
“I’m Nour Ghali, I’m running for Treasurer, and I love meeting new people and making friends with new people.
“I chose to run for this position because I wanted to make sure our Freshman year is organized with everything, and still be able to have many activities.
“As Treasurer, I [would] be mainly in charge of the finances of every fundraiser or activities, and mainly make sure our Freshman year stays organized.
“I know I’m responsible. I can keep everything organized, and I’ll make sure to put my best into this position.
“Make sure to have a fun Freshman year- it’s going to go by really quickly, so just enjoy it while we all can.”


“Hi, my name is Joellen Augustt, I’m running for Freshman Secretary and a fun fact about me is that I have a twin sister.
“I chose to run for this office because I thought it’d be a pretty good fit for me since a lot of people have been telling me that I write notes good, and I also think I’m pretty responsible.
“[As a secretary] I would just write notes about what we’re doing in class, and then I would hand it up to the upper classmen.
“I think I’m the most responsible and I know I can get things done, and I will work hard to make sure that everything gets done!
“Vote for me, guys, because I’m the best :)”