Elective Day and 5k


Evelin Alvarez/Samantha Diaz, Journalists

5 kilometers is equal to 3 miles which is approximately 12 laps. This is how much some of our Panthers ran last week! Great Job Panthers! We are very thrilled by your performance and grateful for your participation. In addition to the students there were several teachers and staff members that participated. Also, many of our Panther’s parents and siblings joined the run, with bikes, scooters, skateboards or just walking. The 5k run was a great way to spend your day by running and enjoying the nice weather outside. After all the amazing family time spent it was time to go back to school. Students were greeted with an Elective Day. Elective Day was a great opportunity for students to visually see all the Electives Pioneer Valley had to offer. From Agriculture to Media Marketing and Publications, there are many electives to choose from for everyone’s liking. An example of a well known elective is Medical Assisting where you are able to learn the certain tasks that the medical field participates in. For example some of our Panthers go and visit the hospital for a quick tour around.