Your New ASB Officers!


“I’m running for Historian because they help out the ASB and I love to be helpful in any way I can. The historian usually makes posters and promote different events, clubs, etc. going on around school. Arts & Crafts is something that I definitely enjoy doing so making posters and such is where I thrive. Some fun facts about me are that monkeys are my favorite animal, I know- kind of strange- but they are adorable and super funny, they are also pretty smart and can do tricks- I wanna have one as a pet one day. I also have an older brother who is either a sweetheart or a pain in my butt- there is no in-between with him- he’s a total goof ball most of the time though, all in all I love him and he’s very supportive and proud of me running for historian. One more fun fact about me is that if I were to get stuck on a desert island the one thing I would bring with me is a knife- for sure. It would come in handy with protecting myself, getting food, getting wood for a fire, and anything else-possibly even a shelter. One thing I would say everyone who reads this article is that would really be honored to be historian, I want to help make this campus better and support my fellow students. I want to take on all the responsibilities that this positions holds and be the best I possibly can. I promise to take my job seriously and have an open mind to any ideas that are given to me.” – Allysea Arias (10)
“My name is Alexia Hernandez and I’m a junior. I’m running for vice president for ASB because I have been in ASB for about two and half years now. I have held office for my junior class before so I feel like I would be good serving as a right hand by the president this year. A fun fact about me is, I love traveling to new places and learning about them.”-Alexia Hernandez(11)
“My name is Sara Camacho and I’m a junior at Pioneer Valley High School. I am running for Treasurer this year for ASB because in the future I want to pursue a career in business and I believe that being a treasurer will prepare me for that, for after high school. I also have been in ASB for about 2 years and I realize that it was time to further my position in it. I also want to help the school in their financial needs, I want to know what’s going on and if a club needs money to know how much they need and I want to be able to support them and help them. A fun fact about me is that I want to major in either business or political science but probably start off in business and maybe later in the future do political science and hopefully one day run for senator of California” – Sara Camacho(11)
Jesus Rodriguez is in the Sophomore Class of 2022 and is very excited to give back to his school by running for Chief Justice in his junior year. Jesus is a very intelligent and hard working student. In his free time Jesus likes cleaning, spending quality time with his closest friends, and most of all, binge watching Netflix while eating snacks. One of Jesus most memorable things about attending Pioneer Valley is expressing himself to the extent. Rodriguez has opened up to more friends and has grown into himself as becoming a leader with no regrets as achieving Chief Justice. Reasoning on becoming Chief Justice, Jesus would like to try new things that haven’t been done at Pioneer Valley; Rodriguez doesn’t just want to run for class President again but to improve certain qualities that would benefit everyone. Jesus is all ears for opening up to new ideas to include everyone but most importantly to provide the best four year experience for everyone. One question I asked Jesus was if you could have any superpower what would it be and why? Jesus stated, “to be able to read peoples’ minds because it would benefit my role as Chief Justice to know what people think that should be improved especially for those who don’t speak up for themselves.”-Jesus Rodriguez(10)
Jazmine Villanueva is a high school Sophomore; she is running for Secretary. She wants to run for ASB secretary because ‘I want to improve my leadership skills by taking on new challenges and making a difference in our school. With the position I want to impact our school in a good way to benefit students. That is why I am running for ASB. Her favorite high school memory is making new friends and becoming more outgoing. ASB has helped her become more outgoing and that caused her to make new friends. Another one of her favorite high school memories is going to football games and show school spirit to support her team.-Jazmine Villanueva(10)
“Hi my name is Gabbie and I’m running for ASB president because I want to set an example for my fellow students and I want to show what is to be a leader, you don’t have to be perfect or a star student to set a good example because I know I’m not either. I want a peace and a safe environment at this school. If I were stranded on a desert island I wouldn’t take any thing I would just scavenge! And my favorite animal is a chinchilla because I have one and his name is frankie”-Gabby Sepulveda (11)
This candidates’ name is Carlos Rivas. He’s a junior who’s running for president. Carlos has a multiple amount of reasons for running for president. One reason is because he joined student council or ASB his freshman year so he’s doing a lot of this for the experiences of it all. Just going and seeing everyone else is such a journey that he wants to be a part of which is another reason he’s running for president. He’s also grown with student council and has seen all these other presidents improve our campus. Carlos wants to continue that, but he wants to make an even bigger impact on this school and ASB. He also happens to have an older brother who was also an executive in ASB which also inspires him to become president. “This may sound extremely cheesy, but my council members also inspire me to become president because of the type of people they are and their actions” -Carlos Rivas 2021. Vote Carlos Rivas for ASB president!