Girls Wrestling – Leauge in Nipomo

The story behind the camera at Nipomo high school

It was hot and tension was high. All the schools wanted the title of league champion but pioneer valley went into the gym with smiles on their and not a worry at all. When they got there weight called they went to the mats and gave the girls they wrestled on hell of a fight. When they was winning or losing they still ended up with a smile on their faces. They may have not got the title of league champ but they still got closer as a family and they are so ready to wrestle this weekend and take 1st place at mission oaks high school for CIF . As coach Ilac said ” we may have lost our title but we can still come out and get 1st at CIF as long as we keep our heads up and keep fighting”.  Every day since that day the girls have went to practice and they don’t stop till they have the moves down and when they know that they are ready  to go this weekend and give it there all.