Upon Rise


Vector illustration of Little boy waking up in a bed on white background vector illustration

When Ileen Pompa gets up every day at around 6:30 –7 am first thing she does is jump out of bed and into the shower when she is out if she has time she will do a her make up if shes running a little late she might put on a little bit of make up she doesn’t eat in the morning its rare. She is full ready and dressed at 8 and gets to school at 8:20.

As a panther tales writer i was wondering what peoples do in the morning when they wake up. I choose a couple of current students at the school. I asked them a couple of different questions of what they do every morning. Some of the questions where “do you eat, what time do you get up, or if they leave their house at the exact same time everyday”.


Seven Anda gets up at 6:30 am , after he gets up he jumps in the shower for 15 mins. After the showers he picks his clothes for the day and changes. He watches skating videos while he waits for his ride to school.


David Garcia wakes up at 7:20 am , he showers the night before so he can just change in the morning. After he changes he starts off his morning with a bowl of honey nut cheerios. He leaves his house at 8:40 am because he has a 3rd. During the time he has at his house after he eats he chills in the couch on his phone . He gets to school at 8:50 am and waits till the bell rings.


David Curiel has his alarm set for 8:30, when he gets up he jumps in a hot shower to start off his day. When he gets out of the shower he changes fast so he can go prepare his daily Frosted Flakes. After he finish’s breakfast he turns on his PS4 and plays till 10:10. He leaves his house and gets to school at 10


Eroz Rivas gets up at 7:30 am. To start his day he gets in the shower. He takes a fast shower so he has time to cook his breakfast. He makes egg whites with ham. If he has extra time he will turn on his Xbox and play Apex Legends. He leaves his house at 8:10 and gets to school at 8:25. He has a 2-6th after he gets out he hits the gym.