Every Boss Started As a Worker

Every Boss Started As a Worker

PV students answer my question on if they have a job and how it’s working out so far. Having a job comes with amazing perks such as gaining people skills, organization habits and learning to always be on time. You also get to make money and spend it how you please, which is everyone’s favorite part about having a job. Work gives people a sense of independence and that trying isn’t as hard as our minds make it out to be. Responsibility comes along with growing up and being able to do something on your own is always rewarding.As teenagers we have many opportunities and those who are willing to help us through all of our first experiences of becoming young responsible adults.

Advice ( ways to prepare and get a job):

1. Job Specific resume

Make your skills and experience are known, on your cover letter and resume focus a a particular job you are familiar with and take interest in.

2. Be prepared

learn everything you can about the job search process. Visiting a companies website will help you get the feel of it’s culture ands brand.

3. Permit

if you are under the age of 18 most states and countries will require for you to have a workers permit. Visit the College & Career center to pick one up; if you have any questions there are plenty of career counselors and assistants that will be happy to help.

4. Get references

Ask any teachers you have or any adults you may know ( family members, coach, previous coworker, etc.). Many companies will require this to have others who can let them know of your work ethic and questions they may have about you.

5. Consider your options

Think about what your like, what interests you and look within those guide lines for a job. For example : Say you like video games, perhaps you should look for video game store that are hiring. Or if you like to work with kids and have patients for them, look into a babysitting job.

Great first time jobs for teenagers:

1. Retail

Retail is often coveted by many teens who are looking for a fist time job. Adults are also likely searching for this job as well, so do expect competition.

2. Pet sitting or Dog walking

For the teens who love animals you will likely find yourself working in early morning or evening hours, which is good for those looking for a summer job or attending summer school.

3. Food services

Working at a restaurant is always nice for a teenager because you can make quick money. (Hello, instant gratification!) Be sure to keep track of your tips for taxes, though.

4. Tutor

Being good at a specific topic can have it’s perks. You can advertise your services online and hang flyers/cards in places like Starbucks, Blenders, markets, etc. The average hourly rate in the U.S. for tutors is $19.57.

5. Administrative assistant or receptionist

Get started in the business world by working in an office. Having basic tech skills (such as knowing Microsoft Office) will help you find employment. The hourly wage is $18.28.


“I do have a job I babysit my siblings, families kids, and sometimes the neighborhood kids. It does get hectic at times- for some reason they have so much energy, it drives me insane. I do enjoy it though they are all sweethearts and I get a kick out of all their jokes.” – Lily Chavez (11)


“Yes, I do have a job-I work at La Mia Mercado Y Carniceria, and I do definitely enjoy it and have fun with it. It has helped me to be more comfortable with talking to people and upped my communication skills. I’ve also become more organized and found ways to make connections with customers so I can further assist them with anything that they need.” -Berenice Espinosa (11)


“Working at Mikado’s is a pretty chill, I have fun and enjoy what I do. I get to pick u hours and make more money-that’s definitely a plus. It has helped me to be more outgoing and speak comfortably in front of others. I’ve become more time efficient and knowledgeable about how customer service workers. I have learned how to handle and deal with different personalities and situations well. Having my job has taught me to be more responsible and given me a lot of freedom.” – Danny Martinez (12)


“I work in Auto sales for my dad, I mainly file papers and organize them. I do have perks because I’m with him throughout work because he helps me a lot. It’s definitely easy money and enjoy doing it, it makes me feel like I’m making his day a little bit easier. It really helps with organization skills and filling out forms has become second nature to me. So, yeah I enjoy my job and making money is always good.” – Mary Jane (11)


“I did have a job at Jack’n the Box, but it wasn’t that great. It was nice making money and all but it’s a lot of grease and very fast paced. I even burned myself on the fryer and that sucked. It wasn’t all too bad though I always liked to work the drive thru it was probably the easiest position. Sometimes people would think that they need to yell and others whispered, that wasn’t good. I guess the one thing I liked was being able to make my own money and use it how I wanted to.” – Ozzie Gonzalez (11)


“I work at Menchies which is pretty fun, but my hands get sticky from having to change out all the different toppings. It’s really easy since all I have to do is weigh the yogurt. I love being able to have and make my own money, it makes me feel independent and responsible having a job even though its very simple. My boss is also very nice for giving me hours that work with school so I can get all my work done.” – Malia Guana (11)


“I volunteer at the hospital signing people in and discharging them. I also work in the back with the nurses learning how to work the computers and learning about all the different medicines and procedures for people. I don’t get paid but that’s fine because I appreciate all the experience that I get and knowledge to help others around me when injured.” – Wendy Chavez (11)


“I don’t have a job yet but I would like to apply at Old Navy. There is always easy going people who are more close to my age working there. It’s never too packed which I like as crowded spaces tend to make me uneasy. I also want to get better at my social skills and learn to work as team rather than being off on my own. It just seems like a fun space that could help me get into the working groove.” – Iris Gomez (11)


”My name is Carlos Guizar I work at Crumbles cafe and bake shop. I work as a busser. Overtime I started to learn new things that don’t even have to do with my own personal job at the place. I learned how to work with the cash register and the computers. It has also helped me to talk with people – have better communication skills. I’ve learned how to deal with all kinds of different situations and people having good and bad days, and how to make them easier.” – Carlos Guizar (12)