Many people think naps are essential to a great day to day life, but some believe that naps have the opposite effects of what it is supposed to do. Some people have trouble falling asleep during the day and some can fall asleep the second they close their eyes. Let’s see what some of our PVHS students think about naps.

Edianna Ysip


Do you believe it is good for people to take at least a nap a day?

” Yes, i believe people should take naps throughout the day to reenergize themselves for what is to come”

When is the best time for a nap in your opinion?

“I myself don’t take naps because my body doesn’t allow me too. But the best time to take a nap is honestly anytime, any day, anywhere.”

Robert Zarate

Do you take naps? And Why do you?

I do take naps because I am tired and often don’t get the right amount of sleep [ on school nights].

When is it the best time to take a nap? And how long are they?

The best time for me to take a nap is right away when I get home from school. [When is nap] they are usually 30 minutes to an hour, but if I don’t set an alarm I will sleep for 6 hours and I wont be able to sleep at night.

Beatrice Hernandez

Why do you think it is important, especially for high school students, to take naps?

I think it is important for high schoolers to take a nap because it can recharge their mind for the day. So they can focus on the subject they need to focus on or get done with.

When is it the best time for someone to take a nap?

Honestly I feel like anytime you can squeeze in a nap is the best time to take a nap. But for me its around 4:00- 5:00 pm.

Jorene Camba

Do you take naps? And if so, why?

Yes I do take naps, but I try to keep them on the short side. Because when the naps are too long I can wake up feeling groggy and when it’s a short quick power nap I feel energized for the rest of the day.

Why do you think it is beneficial for people to take naps?

I think that naps are beneficial towards people because it can help you become alert and awake, which can help you focus on activities and I think they should take naps because it refreshes your brain.


How long should your nap be?

20 minutes:

– energy boost, easy to wake up

30 minutes:

– grogginess

1 hour:

–  short-term memory improve, some grogginess

1 hour and 30 minutes:

– Full REM cycle, dreams, creativity improves


Pros and Cons


  • can increase stamina
  • increase alertness
  • boost creativity
  • improve motor skills and accuracy


  • can develop sleep inertia: where you might feel groggy and disoriented
  • Night-time sleeping problems
  • insomnia
  • poor sleep quality