NFL Insider: Super Bowl LIV Predictions

NFL Insider: Super Bowl LIV Predictions

Kansas City Chiefs this year were just as good this year as last year. During this 2019 NFL football season they went 12-4, Patrick Mahomes led the offense this year as QB. Even though he got hurt he proved he can work through it and come back better then ever. Overall they did really good this year and proved they definitely deserved their spot in the Super Bowl.


The 49’ers is a very good team this year they went above and beyond everyone’s expectations. They went 13-3 this 2019 NFL football season. Jimmy Garoppolo, the quarterback, led the offense this season and proved he might not be the most elite quarterback but with a good team on offense all around and a great defense you can have a great team, and can go far.


I asked some people, who they thought would win the super bowl, after you see their responses feel free to choose who you think will win Super Bowl LIV.



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Mr. Hardee “I think it will be San Francisco who will win because they have a better defense.”














Daniel Ramirez “The Chiefs Because Patrick Mahomes has that bazooka arm. He’s gonna throw to Tyreek Hill for 90+ yards. Tyreek’s the fastest receiver right now.”
Coach Beck: “That’s a difficult question. The 49’ers will probably win because they are a more complete team. They have a better defense. Good secondary. I think they can get pressure on Mahomes and keep him in the pocket with the athleticism in their defensive line which not many people can do. Then offensively the 49’ers can run the ball and kill the clock, which is something that generally the Chiefs have struggled to stop from other teams.”