Do you use the app often?

In 2011, Snapchat, one of the worlds most popular apps was released. With Snapchat being used for messaging it also shows your snapscore. For each message that you receive or send, you get a point. Over time your snapscore grows into a large number and is shared with your followers. Not only dose snapchat allow one on one texting it also allows you to post pictures and videos that last 24 hours. Snapchat also allows its users to screenshot stories, messages, and profiles. However, snapchat will inform the other user that you screenshotted or screen recorded. For the past week I interviewed students at Pioneer Valley and was surprised with the numbers. Kimberly, a Junior here at PV had the largest snapscore, 487,692!

So, What's your Snapscore?

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” I send about 20 snaps a day”-Jacob Limon (12)










“I send about 6 snaps a day but I also send streaks”-katie Vasquez (11)












“I send about 10 snaps a day and text my group chats a lot.”-Lilly Villa (10)












“I dont use social media a lot but when I do I text My friends.”-Mackenzie Henkis(10)















“I’ve had my snapchat for about 3 years”-Mary Swan(10)