Panthers of the Semester!

paola alcantar-ubias, Reporter

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Congratulation to these students who won the Pioneer of the semester award! They got this award because they were nominated by a teacher. On this special day these winners got to enjoy some good pizza and cake. They of course got to invite their parents and a teacher of their choice. If you also want this award we encourage you to try your hardest to get the next Pioneer of the semester award!

Congrats to:

Freshmens- Gabriela Barriga, Eden Garcia, Nate Magni and Adam Pirkl!

Sophomores- Hidalia Cruz, Jesus Hidalgo Garcia, Mallory Krause and Precious Subia!

Juniors- Jimena Diaz Santos, Joseph Galicnao, Katie Magni and Nicholas Zepeda!

Seniors- Jesus Campos Delgado, Laurie Geronimo, Dora Gurrola and Ixtla Vazquez Rosales!