Peer Tutoring at PVHS

Having trouble in a class? PVHS has a something that can help.

Peer tutoring can help students in many ways, such as:

  • Students receiving more one on one learning
  • The interaction between students promotes active learning
  • Students can be more comfortable when asking for help because it is among their peers.



Morning (Mon-Fri)

  • 7:15-8:15

Afternoon (Tues-Thurs)

  • 3:00-400

Peer Tutoring Coordinator:

Q: In you opinion, why is having peer tutoring available to students important?                                                                              A: “I think it provides students another opportunity to learn from other students perspectives and mindsets. I think also it will alleviate some of the fear that students have asking teachers or another adult for help.”


Karen Apple🍎

Q: What are you excited about this year’s tutors? 

A: “With this year’s tutors, we have more than last year. Last year we have 7 and now we have 15. We doubled out tutoring base. I think it provide a larger opportunity for more kids. We have more of a variety of academics that students can tutor in and I think these kids have a great heart to see kids succeed in a larger way.”



Brendalin Hernandez📐

Brendalin (12)

✏ Brendalin is one of our peer tutors here at PV. The subject she specializes in is Math.✏

Q: How do you feel you’ve helped students?

A: “I feel I’ve helped students because they get to understand the materials that I’m teaching them. It teaches them a different way to figure out the problem, instead of using the format that their teacher gave them. They get too see different forms to figure [the problem] out.”

Arnulfo Bravo📐

Arnulfo (12)

✏ Arnulfo is another on of our PV peer tutors. The subject he specializes in is Math, mainly Algebra 1 ✏

Q: Why did you decide to be a peer tutor?

A: ” I decided to do peer tutoring mainly because I wanted to help students. Because sometimes students can’t understand or don’t really connect with the teacher [on a subject] and when they hear [the problem] from a peer, they feel that they can understand [the subject] better.”

Damian Magana📐

Damian (12)

✏Damian is another on of our PV tutors. He specializes in the subjects: Math, History, Science, and English.✏

Q: Why did you start peer tutoring?

A: “I was already helping kids an students in my classes, so I decided to get paid while doing it. But honestly, I wouldn’t mind not getting paid at all, I just like peer tutoring. I like how I help other kids [understand a subject].”

Other Information:

If you didn’t know Peer Tutoring is now a paid position:

  • Students have to apply for the tutoring position
  • They do screen potential tutors

PV Staff feels like paying students can be a benefit because:

  • It provides for students that academically inclined to make some money
  • Great incentive to bring in to become potential tutors
  • Great opportunity for kids to work while at school