Everyone loves eating. We all have that special food that pops into our mind when we are hungry. The famous social media platform YouTube has a variety of different videos to watch: one of my favorites is Mukbang. For Mukbang videos, people try a variety of different foods: from exotic foods to eating the entire menu of a restaurant. Sit in front of a camera and eat, it is as simple as that. Here I rank 6 Mukbang videos that I found enjoyable to watch.

These are some of the most iconic people on YouTube, and its hard not to get sucked into their videos. In these video, they spill tea and throw shade on all the drama happening on Twitter between other stars including Jeffree Star and Trisha Peytas. Everyone keeps open and honest and do not hold back their opinions. Nothing they say is to be rude, but only for laughs. 8/10

1. Kian and JC

These insane guys try food bizarre foods most people would never try. Kian and Jc went to 7-11 to try all the foods you see on display that you think looks gross, but really its not. They bought everything and went to go test them all out and gave us some honest answers. 8/10

2. Matt Stonie

This really an ordinary Mukbang, but this guys content is just outstanding like the amount of food he puts in his body under the time limit he sets for himself just always seems to amaze me. In his videos you just always sit there and wonder how he just does it and what steps he takes in order to shove all that food down. I highly recommend his channel 10/10.

What makes a good Mukbang? Well a good quality content of a Mukbang is really just being funny, telling crazy stories, eating food that the person doing the Mukbang is going to like. Sitting in front of a camera and eating anyone can do really, but what makes other people stand out from the others is their humor. If you can’t be funny by yourself you can also invite friends more the merrier they say.

3. MommyTang

For all the vegans out there don’t worry I didn’t leave you out. MommyTang provides only vegan Mukbangs and she shares her weight loss from being vegan. Her videos are really good sit down videos just to lay back and eat with her type of vibe. What makes her different from all the other vegan Mukbangers is that she just is so open she talks about her past experiences in life, shows and talks about her kids, and casually have her friends pop in. Her videos are pretty chill you get to know her at a personal level. 8/10

4. Wendy’s Eating Show

She is literally the funniest person she cracks me up. I have like no explanation for her like just even her thumbnails are funny.  You just have to watch her in order to understand. Her character is just something else. 10/10


Keemi is like the original Mukbang person. She was one of the few creators that popularized this type of videos. She adds a little more to her videos from the food she eats she usually cooks its and shows you how she makes them. Her videos just are super entertaining to watch as you listen to her casually talks to you as if you were there and her house is kinda tumbler.

6.  Nikocado Avocado

This mukbang show he over does his show makes sure he’s the one that pops out than the others. He was in some drama with Trisha, but hes a super lovable, friendly, super chill, and overall a nice dude. He shows recipes for his creative food ideas.