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We have all seen the different types of Marvel characters and their unique personalities. But have you sat down to think about which ones you relate to? Because there can be an avenger you relate to and you may not even know it. Many people can relate to the character Iron Man as he is flashy, arrogant, self-absorbed or just often times seen as rude. As well others can be seen as the character Vision where he is seen more as calm and polite. All depending how you see yourself as and how you would describe yourself, I guarantee you there is an Avenger out there waiting for your comparisons. Some fellow students of yours have already gotten the opportunity to compare themselves to the super hero that happens to be there favorite. Take a look and don’t forget to take the survey at the end!

Which Avengers Personality are You?

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Eduardo Barriga (11) “I feel close to Peter Quill because he likes a girl who plays hard to get. I like the oldies, but the good oldies and he jokes around a lot and I do too with my friends. I too consider my friends family. WE ARE GROOT!”
Asia Maes (10) “I picked Gamora because I’m very annoyed very easily and I’m very aggressive.”
Daisy Castellanos (10) “I’d say I feel most like Groot because he always has little to say. Even though Groot has little to say it somehow gets translated to say heartfelt quotes. When being told not to do something I still sometimes do it.”
Bruin Chapman (12) “I would say I’m Thor because we both are mighty and can lift heavy things when others can’t.”
Tony Escobedo (12) “I would be like war machine because I always got your back no matter what just like you know dam well war machine has iron man’s back”
Oskar Ruiz (12) “You would obviously know I’m like hulk because I get mad easily and will hit what ever is in my way when I’m mad. But I would also be like him because he has little intelligence.”
Danialy Garcia (10) “I picked Mantis because I’m a very innocent person and I’m also a trustworthy person. Not really though.”
Jesus Campos (12). “I picked rocket racoon because he smart and always makes someone laugh even if it is using a weird joke.”