Stress…No More!

As a student, the impact of having 6 or 7 classes will do something to you. Maybe the classes won’t stress you out, but there are so much other stuff in your life going on that will. You have friends, relationships, family life and school life. So how does one overcome that stress you may be asking. Well I’m here to answer all of your questions, well maybe not all of them but I’m confident most of them. Here is a small list of techniques to use when dealing with stress:

  • Listen to music! Yes I do realize this method is extremely basic, but it really does help. All you have to do is plug your headphones in and listen to some calm relaxing music. This may involve you having to listen to different types of music but it is worth it to get rid of that stress.

  •  Take a moment and just relax! Obviously when your stressed about something you try and get it out of your mind as fast as possible. However, sometimes just taking some relaxing time for yourself can help you out and your stresses.

  • Write your stresses away! This method may seem strange, but I assure you will help. Grab a pencil, paper and hold onto those stresses away and write about them. After they won’t bother you as much.

  •  Exercise! Yes this option may be optional to some people, but I promise you it does work. Even if you exercise for as little as a minute or even if it is just a quick stretch it will still make you relax and forget the stress you had just a minute ago.

  • Get more sleep! Yes I am targeting those people that stay up until 3 am in the morning. Seriously though allowing yourself to sleep earlier lets you relax more and get rid of all that stress!
  •  Here is what other people have to say about stress:


  • Q: What stresses you out the most? A: Probably the amount of stuff I have to do. Q: How do you handle that stress? A: I make to-do lists! They really help keep me organized. -Ms. Mcdonald
    Q: What stresses you out the most? A: Having so much kids and adults waiting to meet with me is probably what stresses me out the most. Q: How do you deal with that stress? I like to relax and spend time with my family. -Mr. Collier
    Q: What stress you out the most? A: I guess just the idea that there are kids misbehaving. Q: How do you handle that stress? A: I like to exercise to get rid of stress or like make money. -Teddy

    Q: What stresses you out the most? A: All the deadlines that I have now that I’m a senior. Q: How do you handle that stress? A: I finish the work before hand so that I can relax when those deadlines hit. -Leslie Flores (12)