The Cut – Food?

The Cut - Food?

This week of “The Cut” I’m talking about how unhealthy the food at our school really is. Not to mention there is a whole lunch line for just pizza everyday. You would think because its so bad for you it would taste good but in my honest opinion I think the school lunches are complete garbage. So a lot of students use “door dash” to order food to be delivered to the office so the can have better tasting food. Which doesn’t help that most foods I’ve seen at school is still wildly unhealthy for your body. I don’t really have all the answer to solving this problem because this problem is a result of by low funding – unhealthy is cheap and easier. Just to give an understanding of how much food at our school is unhealthy, I in total took 15 pictures of people eating and only 3 were a health food choose. So for every 15 people at our school there is only 3 of them that are eating healthy. That’s 20%.