Panthers Favorite T.V. Show

“My favorite show is The Office because I find it a way nice to pass time. My favorite character is Jim has a nice personality and his pranks are funny. My favorite quote is ” That’s what she said”- Michael Scott Growing up my favorite cartoon growing up was Steven Universe.” – Alex (9)
” My favorite T.V. show is “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” because its mainly humor that is about true events that go in the world. Terry Crews is my favorite character because he’s funny and lovable. My favorite quote is ” Your opinion means nothing to me” – Rosa Diaz. Growing up my Favorite T.V. show was Phineas and Ferb” – Rodrigo Cruz (12).
“My favorite show is Storage wars because it tells me about the economy. ” You have to get into peoples mind before they get into yours-Ivy Calvin” is my favorite quote. and my favorite character is Ivy Calvin because he says a lot of funny stuff and makes fun of people. growing up my favorite T.V. show was Sponge Bob” – Erick Pienado (12).
“My favorite T.V. show is “Grey’s Anatomy” because it is just so thrilling. I can never predict what will happen next. My favorite character is Cristina because she is so blunt. My favorite quote is “Its beautiful day to save lives” – Derek Shepard. My favorite childhood cartoon is “Courage The Cowardly Dog” because it scared me all the time.”- Angelica Martinez (12)
” My favorite is “Friends” because its very funny and entertaining. My favorite character is Rachel because she is relatable. my favorite moment is when Rachel and Ross meet at the airport because it always gets me real emotional . A cartoon i watched growing up was Tom and Jerry.”- Vivian Carrillo (12).
My Favorite show is “The Office”. becuase its hilarious. My favorite character is Jim because I love the pranks he does to Dwight. My favorite quote is “I enjoy having breakfast in bed. I like waking up to the smell of bacon. Sue me.”- Michael Scott. Growing up my favorite cartoon that I liked watching was Tom & Jerry.” – Juan Vargas (10)