Stuffed with Fluff Winnie the Pooh

Do you remember the good old times of your childhood? Watching Winnie the Pooh and his friends exploring the woods or making a birthday cake for Eeyore and just endless adventures with them. Besides them having mental illness, we all are one of these characters by our personality traits and who we are as a person. All the characters have something special about themselves which makes them unique. They aren’t one without each other. Piglet is a shy character, but when he is around Pooh he can become an outgoing person. Tigger can be hyper when he’s by himself, but while around his friends he can be a little more calme. All of these people can relate to one of these characters in different ways, so I went around school and asked them who do they most resemble to here are their responses.

“I tend to worry most than others and always overthink stuff, so I feel like I’m most comparable to Piglet.”- Jade Mendoza (11)
“I get easily annoyed with people and I feel like I most resemble to him since he’s semi-smart.- Natalie Diaz (11)
“I care about my friends a lot just like Pooh I also like to eat a lot just like with his honey.- Humberto (11)
“I’m Rabbit because Rabbit is always keeping things clean which I’m very good at. I’m friendly towards everyone and caring towards everyone especially my friends.-Chris Cisneros (11)
“Roo is super energetic and I’m always upbeat, laughing, always happy just like Roo is. – Monse lopez (11)




























” I’m just like Tigger he’s super energetic and sometimes he doesn’t think before he does stuff which I do a lot. I’m super fun to be around too.- Hasbeth Venegas (11)
“Christopher Robin is the groups leader of his pack. Being the leader is what I’m best at. I’m part of ASB, so making decisions and leading others is my duty. – Alexia (11)

What Winnie-the-Pooh character do you most relate to?

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