Want to Know About Your Teachers Old Jobs?

Have you ever thought of what teachers were before they were teachers? Some of the teacher’s have had many interesting jobs before they became teachers. Some of them could have been working at a Mcdonalds, or at our local Wal-Mart. Many of the teachers had a very difficult time finding a job and working in their job in general. All of our fantastic Pioneer teachers started somewhere. Here’s how it all began…

“I have a lot of interesting jobs before I became a teacher and my hardest job was a dishwasher. I was wet all the time and just all the hot water and steam just got everywhere. My skin was beautiful with the steam, but my hands would get burned by the hot water. after all that I would have to mop the whole restaurant. It was a tough job but I’m proud of it because everyone would always say “your the best dishwasher and mopper we’ve ever had.” its just something to be proud of”- Mr. Feher
“I worked with the California Conservation Corps. Which includes lot of outdoor work like insulate buildings, put sandbags out on levees when it was flooded.”-Mr. McKee
“I worked at a bio tech place in Santa Barbara, where they would do Botox, Breast Implants, and Lap Bands. I was in the department where they would do the lap band. I would train doctors, take payments, made packets, and did research. I had my own office but it was very small and I actually hated being in there. I also used to work with my dad on houses when I was younger.”-Mr. Bajwa
“I used to give piano lessons, it was fun experience for me, doing that helped me raise money for college”-Mr.Hansen
“I worked in maintenance cleaning offices, and one time my boss came in to his office and I was just sitting in his chair with my feet up on his desk talking to my girlfriend and he just walked in and said excuse me and leaned over and grabbed something off his desk and left I was so embarrassed as you can imagine. I also worked in an airplane company here in town called Piper Aircraft for a short time but that was just a summer job but to me it was a really fun experience because it was like an actual job where you would have to punch in with a clock. That was interesting to me because I was just a kid and I got a view of labor allegations and I feel like that was a formative experience for me”-Mr. Karamitsos
“I was in the hotel industry for almost 20 years, I was the general manger of a hotel built here in Santa Maria by the airport, I bought all the equipment, I worked in the construction for it, but I did the operational part of the hotel, like the blue prints and all. I was one of the few people that put that on the map. this was a 3 and a half year job.”-Ms. Curry
“I was a waiter and a bartender for over 10 years. to me it was a great way to pay for college, because your making good money and your hours ae flexible since you work at nights or weekends so it was a great way to get through college I do recommend. It also makes you a more humble person cause your serving people all day long so you have to lose all that ego like “I’m better than everyone else”. One time a guy got stabbed outside the restaurant, I saw this melee happening and I went to go out there to clear it up and see what was going on and there’s a guy laying on ground, he had been stabbed; so I went to call the police to get them down there and tell them what I saw, so that’s about the most gnarly thing that’s ever happened”-Mr. Brown
“Before I was a teacher, I was a professional baseball player. I did that for 4 years before I was a teacher. I didn’t really have any difficulties, other than when you get released when they get ready and they tell you your no good anymore, then you got to go get a real job. some of the training you had to run, lift weights, and throw. Everyday was a new adventure had a lot of fun. One time I showed up at the wrong baseball field, I thought we were playing in Bakersfield and we were playing in Visalia, so I was at the wrong baseball field, waiting for a team to show up that wasn’t going to show up, and we had just finished playing in NCAA, the regional finals and we lost so there was 4 of us that were going to go out and play for professional teams and they had been in Bakersfield but then they had moved to Visalia, and I thought they were still in Bakersfield”-Mr. Glenn
“My very first job just like a lot of people it was fast-food working at McDonald’s. I was 15, but I was doing it only for the summer in Santa Barbra. My Uncle was the manager, so he got my cousins and I all jobs. Throughout my college I worked with daycare with preschoolers in the ages of 4 year old’s, but I realized I wanted to teach older kids, so that my brain is stimulated as well.-Ms. Carrillo
“I worked a lot in food service, I started working when I was like 13 years old. Right before teaching I was a server at a restaurant called TGI Fridays, and then I was a bartender. I think that being a bartender and a server is like perfect training for being a teacher because you have to take of 40 different people at once and everybody wants something different, same with students you have 40 different ways people learn you have to pay attention to each students and on top of that you learn manners because people at restaurants tend not to have very good manners.”-Mr. Marino
“I worked for a winery place where I worked in the tasting room where I poured wine for people, ship boxes to like amazon and wine club members. It was boring there was so little small talk with people. There was a customer where she brought her kid with her, but the kid threw up and she watched me pick it up she didn’t even bother giving me a tip it was her husband who gave me it.”-Ms. Baldwin