Airpods. Are They Truly Worth it?

Apple is a very worldwide and well known company for all of their technology they have made. All of their items are a huge hit and that gives no exception to one of their most recent items the infamous Airpods. Apple out did itself with the creation of airpods which are its basic design of Apple’s regular design of earphones, but they’re wireless. The cost ranges from 140 to 200 dollars. These Airpods have become a huge hit ever since they came out and have been sold out a numerous amount of times. Whether our students here at Pioneer love them or not is the big question being asked here. The majority of our school however uses wired headphones, not wireless headphones. Maybe it’s due to their lack-luster design that the headphones are “making life harder and more complicated” is the reason why not everyone owns these wireless headphones (Limer). Although most of the interviews said that theirs charge fairly fast, Semuels, an online writer, says “he frequently hears a low-battery warning” coming from his airpods. So maybe purchasing airpods or even just liking them is just a preference.

“They costed $170. It really was worth it. Yes they charge easily. No I don’t use them in class if teachers don’t use them. Teachers actually can see them. Yes they have good sound quality.”-Daisy Sanchez (10)

“They costed $173. Yea they were worth it. I have never lost them. They charge really easily. They last a long time. Sometimes I use them in class because some teachers don’t see them. They have okay sound quality not the best.”-Ivan Eulogio (10).

“They were $160. Yes they were worth it. No I haven’t lost them. They charge super easily and fast. Yes they last 3 hours each airpod and the case lasts 24 hours. No I don’t use them in class.”-Angel Beltran (10)

“They costed $100 and they were worth it. I haven’t lost them yet. They do charge easily and they do last. I do not use them when the teacher doesn’t see and they are easier to hide. I doubt the teachers can see them. They do have good sound quality.”-Angel Meza (10)

“Mine costed $150. They were worth it. They do charge easily and they do last. I do use them in class because most teachers can’t see them. They do have good sound quality.”-Matthew Hernandez (10)

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