Like Dancing? Like Spanish Music? JOIN BALLET FOLKLORICO

You can join Folklorico by simple showing up to practices on Tuesday and Thursday. They’re usually  from 3:00 – 4:45.




What’s the next big thing for Folklorico? Any new dances?

“We have a showing coming up in February, that will involve a plenty of folklorico groups. It will be like out “big show” to show the community the beauty of Mexican culture. As for dances im trying to do a Yucatán wedding cuadro which will show how the bride, groom, and  bridesmaids all prepare for the wedding. Also am possibly look into saving up money to go to Fresno and learn from professional teachers from Mexico.” – Assistant Instructor Juan Antonio-Martinez


“I want to add new regions, I want to add new steps, I want to add new performances, to get you guys more out to the community. That’s what I hope.” – Instructor Mr. Hoyos

This picture was taken right before our performed at Fresno University. We go every year to perform and learn new dances.

  Pioneer Valley’s Folklorico club last year collaborating with Fresno University and other locals by Fresno. As well as instructor on the bottom taught us new Sinaloa dances.

Last year 2019 rally Ballet Folklorica performed Morismas, El Coyote, Nino, Perdido, and Ranchero Chido.