Friday Night Lights Preview

Panthers Prepare For their First League Game

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As the Panther’s new head coach, John Beck is eager to spark a flame in his athletes that will become a raging fire within Pioneer Football. When fans enjoy Friday night’s game (v. Righetti @ 7pm) they will notice strategic changes that Beck brought from his successful coaching at Arrowhead Christian Academy in Redlands, CA.

“A no huddle offense allows quicker players to take advantage of opportunities and gain yardage.” Head Coach John Beck

The primary difference is what many are calling a fast paced high tempo offence. Beck spent the Summer coaching his offensive team the philosophy behind what he calls a, “No huddle offence.” Because PV’s squad can not match the physical size of other teams in the league, Beck knew he must develop an offensive approach that maximizes Pioneers talent – their speed. “A no huddle play-to-play back-to-back offense keeps the opponents on their toes, it tires out the defense. Huddles give the defense time to react and regroup. My players will read the defense and make the pass or run decision as needed,” said Beck.

Assistant Coach Steven Martinez called PV’s new strategy a, “Classic spread offense.” Martinez is on board with Beck’s high tempo game. “This year we are playing four receivers and one running back. You will see the ball thrown more but they will be quick, short routs. Never more than 15 yards at a time,” said Martinez. It is true that Pioneer’s formation, now with no tight end and no full back, allows for fast players to find pockets and gain yardage. This was evident in their pre-season victory against Bishop Diego.

In the Bishop Diego film, quarterback Danny Martinez is seen effectively utilizing his quickness to release the ball with precision or go for the run. Watch him shuffle his feet to align his shoulders to a pass or spring into a QB run option. Running track at PV has helped Danny craft his speed. Martinez is a perfect choice for a starting varsity quarterback. Yet, Danny and others have mentioned how the new offense is a learning curve – it will take a season or two to master. This was apparent in the loss to Oxnard. Keep in mind that last year Oxnard was a CIF Southern Section runner up. PV fought hard against these giants. Running Back Tommy Nunez felt unprepared, “We weren’t ready. We need to be more physical.” Strength training is a lifestyle that Beck hopes to build over time. “Players who stay committed to the weight room during the off season would be a next step for our team,” said Beck.

“With the Oxnard loss we could have stuck to our assignments. But, we are more ready to face Righetti.” Anthony Escobedo #75

“When we played Oxnard I had a lack of focus. It’s high tempo play action. We need to read our keys.” Jose Mejia #34

“I play the offensive line. That’s pass protection. My job is to make sure Danny does not get sacked. ” Mark Martinez #76

“With a four receiver, one running back formation you will see a lot of quick, short routs.” Assistant Coach Steven Martinez


Here’s an example of the spread offense catching the defense off guard as Danny Martinez #8 completes a 34 yard pass to Christian Morin #2.