I Make Shoe Contact Before Eye Contact

Shoes play a big part in our outfits everyday, they determine how you feel. If they’re scuffed you think “I need new ones!” Or, if they aren’t up with the trends you feel left behind. And if they’re nice and clean you get super excited, walking with an extra bounce in your step. Shoes also play a role in our character. They portray our personality, our goofy side, the trendy side, the active side, all of it. Nowadays especially, you can order them online plain, pock-a-dot, plaid, purple, yellow, checkered, cartoon characters, whatever your heart desires – and they’re there in two days. We have around 3,000 Panthers at our school who all have their own unique nature that they all express through clothing, but I’ve always found that shoes are the window to the soul…. well at least that’s how I feel.

Here we see the classic black and white Vans sparked by a lighting bolt. This says, “I’m classy with a warm friendly personality.” Javier (11)


A classic that never seems to go out of style with just a twist of trippy at the tops. These shoes told me that this freshman had a love for classics, but liked to add his own pinch of mania to his clothing. Malachi Chavez (9)


These kicks gave a psychedelic vibe that brought on the dizzies and tons of laughter. Michaela (11)


Her beautiful fresh and funky pair of Nike’s expressed the essence that this girl is fast paced, witty, and classy. Saray Gamboa (11)


Workout shoes will always be a must to have in everyone’s shoe collection. A lively bounce is given in each step that radiates a sense of need to persevere, they bring a mood of determination that we all need. Lindsey (9)


Converse and Vans being absolutely sublime, the 3 besties strived to end the dispute on which is a better brand. All of them agreed that the rebellious feel of converse and easy breezy vibe of vans are a need that is for sure required in everyone’s closet.  Emmie (11), Ally (11), Malia (11)


Whether it be moonless, neon, or pastel multi-colored shoes they will always be a challenge to pull off. For those who choose to risk it I find to be the most interesting. They don’t want the black and white, they want the shoe that defines them. They’ll wear their shoes with a sense of pride. Samantha (10)


Even with some rough kicks this freshman demonstrated one determined student, juggling all his books he allowed me to snap a quick pic before dashing away to class. Emmanuel (9)


This Marvel enthusiast with a passionate and quirky sense, manifested to me that Hulk is the best character to be created and she admired his strength. Nicole (12)


White vans are the new everlasting epidemic. Everyone has a pair and love their modern and crisp look, that bring a vibrant spark to their outfits. Marisa (9)


Here we have the beloved Birkenstocks, these are also a big craze that has spread its way throughout our generation. When it comes to these fabulous and comfortable sandals, with a wide selection of colors and styles no girl can resist. Saray Gamboa (11)


Air Force 1’s have a timeless charm that will never go out of style. They could be anything you make of them, sporty, edgy, classy, or the most common a racketeer perception. All in all they have and will always be the go to sneaker. Amber Bareno (11)


Jordans have always been clean cut and solid, but lately they’ve been made with all the new curves and patterns. Still polished and fresh as ever just some more funk added to the mix. These say ” I’m cool and fresh, is the world ready for me?” Berenice (12)