First Time’s a Charm – Friendship

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We all make friends unexpectedly. We don’t know who we’re sitting next to, but we do know that we’ll start talking to them soon. Do you remember the first friend you had? Do you remember how that went? We had no intentions with meeting new people. As you talk with your neighbor you’ll start to realize you two have things in common. Not everything that you like they will like, but there will be a bond between you two. Later on you two will meet more people and the friendship will grow. We start High School with lots of friends, but as your friends make new friends, you’ll loose the connection with them. That’s alright though because you will always make plenty of other friends. We all suit someone’s friendship ideal type. So don’t feel sad if you’re alone at school. Because out of all 4 years in high school I guarantee you, you will only have at least 2-4 real true friends.


Alondra Rico and Claudia Cortez have been friends since the 4th grade. Alondra’s mom introduced them both to each other. They now continue their friendship with 8 years.

Anel Guerra and Ange Hernandez have been friends for 3 years. They met through another friend.

Yajahira Castaneda and Eduardo Barrja have been friends since the 4th grade. They’ve been friends for 8 years and they met through sports.

Michelle Yepez and Nayeli Gonzalez have been friends for 1 year now. They met through another friend.

Kayla Rivera  and Daniela Lopez have been friends since the 4th grade. They met during class and now continue 8 years of friendship.