K-pop Club Rises

The K-pop Michosso club had its first meeting August 20th where we all somewhat got familiar with each other. The mood of it all felt very anxious, yet everyone seemed very excited to be there ready to start this whole journey with new and accepting people.  A big part of the K-pop Michosso club are the dances that they do for rallies and many more fun school activities. Some of the songs that the clubs captain and co-captains experimenting with are, “Uh-Oh” by the girl group G-Idle, Red Velvet’s “Zimzalabim,” “Eclipse” by the boy group Got7 and Itzy’s “Icy”. All of these songs are yet to be decided, but they all practice to other songs like the song “Boy With Luv” by the very much popular BTS.

The atmosphere seemed very anxious yet excited.

Ms. Zembrano is the teacher in charge of this club.

Captain-Victoria Lopez (11) Co-Captains- Jacqueline Urias (10) & Jhordan Sagisi (10)

The dance team practicing “Boy With Luv” By BTS.