Panthers Summer

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How are you going to spend the summer.

Alondra: ” Over the summer I will be at water polo practice and working as well, During July I will go visit my dad, he lives in Riverside and I will also go visit my sister in San Diego for a week or two. I plan to have a good summer with my family and friends and make good memories. My goal for summer is to try new things and go to new places Because it’ll be my last high school summer.

Andy Ojeda:” During summer, I’m going to wrestle all summer and attend wrestling camps.”

















Janefer and friends:” Our plans for the summer is to hang out and enjoy our last year together before we go to collage.”

Gissel Tadeo: ” I’m planning to work over summer and go to LA with my boyfriends and his cousins and stay over there for a while. I’m also planning to go to the beach often because I love it there.”