Graduation Day Looks!

Graduation is just around the corner and our seniors are already thinking of what they are going to wear and how they’re going to look for the special day!

“I am gonna wear a pink satin dress. Its going to be short and it will fall straight and down. I will pair it with some nude heels and a simple necklace. I think I will wear my hair straight down and wear natural makeup “-Natalie Castillo
“I am planning on wearing a nude fitted dress. The color is gonna be light brown and I will wear nude heels with it. My hair is gonna be down and curly and my makeup is gonna be beat. I will wear some nice earnings as well.” -Julianna Lopez
“I’m going to be wearing dress pants and a nice button up shirt that are going to be simple and kind of casual with some nice shoes.”-Jairo Rojas
“I’m going to be wearing a bright colored romper like a sunny colorful one, and I’m still debating whether to wear heels or sandals and my hair I’m just going to keep it straight and not to much makeup because it going to be hot that whole week.”-Eriselda Santos