How Are Finals Going?

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Finals are right around the corner with only a few days left! Most seniors are even more stressed because they have to take their finals before this Friday. This means there isn’t much time for studying. The lower classmen get to start them next week with more time to study, and this is what the students had to say:

“I’m a little stressed, but it’s manageable. There are a lot of things happening such as gradation. As a senior, I am more stressed since grades are due this Friday.”- Jessica Santos (12).



“I’m feeling very stressed because apparently I have to get A’s on all my finals to get A’s in all my classes…and so that’s what I have to do which is making me very stressed.”- Danny Morales (11) (right)                                                                       “I’m not really worried about my finals because I’m already starting to take them earlier than the lower classmen, but I am stressed because I’m failing English.”- Savanah Flores (12) (left)













“I’m pretty stressed! I can study all I want, but I still don’t feel ready for them.”- Erikah Morse (11).


“This year for my finals I’m stressed out because I’ve started them earlier since I’m a senior!”- Jackie Villa (12).