Summer activities

Summer is right around the corner and everyone is ready to enjoy the sunny days! Here’s how people plan to spend their days off school!

What I plan on doing this summer is school and work. I’m taking summer classes at Hancock and one of them is a speech class I’m taking in the morning which I’m not looking forward to. I’m looking forward to grad week so much! I’m ready to go to Hawaii and have the time of my life. Other than that I’m not planning on doing much. -Kevin Gonzalez
I plan to spend time with my friends and family this summer for the most part. I wanna get a job as well but I’m not sure yet where I wanna work. I really wanna go out to amusement parks, especially sis flags! -Julio Pacheco
















Me and my boys are gonna go on fun trips every time we can! I’m ready to hit the beach and just relax there. I’m tryna grill up some tri tip at Waller park once in a while. Other than that I plan on working to get that coin. -Raul Chavez
This summer I wanna join E sports and I wanna work doing twitch all summer. I plan to go to six flags with my friends and just try to go out as much as possible. In my free time I would like to play video games but other than that I just wanna sleep as much as possible. -Jose Ruiz