Gradation is Almost Here

The end is almost here for class 2019. Many of the seniors feel different emotions.

“I am happy and relieved that Graduation is almost here. I’ve had so much fun this year with all the memories I’ve made. Finally it’s going to be over. It feels nice to feel accomplished. I’m also a little sad that it’s almost here since I’m going to miss everyone but at least there are new memories to be made in the future.”- Carlos Morales
“Honestly I feel super sad think that I will never see everyone’s face anymore. I feel super depressed that the people I have learned to love I’ll never see again. I didn’t appreciate the small things like I’m’ma miss yelling headwind out when I see him. I’m’ma miss powder puff. I’m going to miss seeing cruzanipoooh. I’m going to miss most of all not being an adult and having everything being given to me, hehe. I’m going to miss everyone’s face because I love every single person. It’s a bitter sweet feeling because I’m glad and happy that I’m almost done.” -Cattie Perciado
“Umm… Well this is hard but I feel excited to start a new chapter in my life WHOOHOO!” -Rosalena Guzman
“I feel stressed out but it’s okay I know I’ll get through it and it will be worth it all.” -Britany Rodriguez