Good places to get a burger!

Santa Maria has so many places to get a hamburger such as, The Habit, In-n-out, and Burger King. So I asked some students what’s your favorite hamburger place? I know mine is Santa Maria Burgers, their burgers are tasty and big!

“In-n-out because it’s tasty and fresh. I  love me some good quality food. The hamburgers are good size for the price as well.”-Lizbeth Navarrete (11)
“In-n-out because it’s cheap and the quality is good. The french fries are so good, I like how they are freshly made as well as everything else.” – Noe Ambriz (11)
“Chick fill a because it’s good there. It’s not exactly a hamburger place but a chicken burger which makes it better. “-Janet Garcia (10 on the right)
“Brooks burgers in Pismo because it’s tender and good. There’s no good place here in Santa Maria. I recommend Brooks.”-Valentin Perez (12)
“In-n-out it’s good and better than most places in town. The food is overall good it’s healthier than most places.”-Erikah Morse (11)