AVID 2020 Trip to UC Irvine and Chapman University

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On Wednesday, May 22nd, the AVID class of 2020 went on a field trip to UC Irvine and Chapman University. It was their first trip to the southern universities, as well as a private university. UC Irvine was a big, largely populated school that many AVID students found they liked. However, many others enjoyed the smaller, quieter community at Chapman. Overall the AVID students had a great time touring the campuses and exploring the two vastly different colleges.

Briana Ramos: “I loved the trip, especially because UC Irvine is my dream school and I’m so glad I was able to have the opportunity to tour it. And I was able to go to my first private university, which I’ve never been able to do before. And my favorite part was the bus ride to and from there” (11th).


Damian Magana: “The trip was really fun and my favorite part of the trip was at UC Irvine and seeing their really big park they have at the middle of their school” (11th).

Lauren Carandang: “I really enjoyed our trip to Chapman and Irvine because I got to see the difference between a private and a public university and I got to see the architecture at Chapman. I also enjoyed the campus and the different programs offered at Irvine” (11th).

Cristian Perez: “I got to learn a lot about the majors and the GPA and requirements in order to go and it was really interesting because my major is engineering and I got to see what programs they offer” (11th).

Vladimir Rosales: “I enjoyed the trip because I visited my first private university which was Chapman and I am looking forward to applying to this school” (11th).