Incoming Freshman Class of 2023

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More and more freshman are welcomed to our school every year.  Do you remember how you felt coming into high school?  Here are how some incoming freshman feel about high school.

Chris Tovar:” Well I’m kind of nervous entering high school, because I’m going to be like a nobody but also because I’m going to be someone the people can pick on because like as an 8th grader no one messes with you unless its friends, but my expectations for high school are a lot of things. There’s going to be new people entering my life and people leaving it but I’m looking forward to the new things I’m going to see. I’m not sure what, but that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

Isabella: ” My expectations for high school is having a lot of homework, hoping it’ll be fun, but also not going as I want, I’m very nervous and I’m looking forward to make memories with the real homies lol.”

Isaac Guerrero: ” My expectations for high school is meeting so many new and different people, I will be involved in many sports and clubs that there will be many assignments that I will be turning in, I’m not nervous like if I’m scared I’m just nervous about my future teachers and just about the whole big transition. I’m looking forward to being in sports, clubs and to have fun while I’m doing good in school. I wanna make great memories with friends and yeah…I’m excited!”