What Are Your Plans For The Summer?

Summer is right around the corner and with just 2 and a half weeks left, school will come to and end! We asked the students what sort of plans they had for the summer like if they were going out of town or even out of the country. Many students have trips planned with their families or some seniors are going to Hawaii for grad week! This is what a few students had to say:

“This summer I plan to run a lot with the Cross Country team for summer conditioning and hopefully I will be spending a lot of time with my family as well!”- Vladimir Rosales (11).


“I plan to get a job and I’m also going to be taking a college course at Allan Hancock.”- Noe Ambriz (11).


“In the summer all I’m going to be doing is focus on working and saving up that money to buy myself a car!”- Yoel Campechano (11).


“For the summer I plan on working, saving up for college expenses, making new memories with my family and my boyfriend Fernando!”- Abigail Prado (12).
“In the summer I’m planning to work to save up some cash and spend time with my friends before we all leave to college.”- Berenice Sanchez (12)