Sonic the Hedgehog Movie: What Went Wrong?


Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game character that is well-known by everyone and has been a big part of people’s childhoods. So when the announcement of a live action Sonic movie came out, many people were skeptical about what was to come referring to the plot, animation, and most importantly: Sonic’s character design. And they were right to be skeptical. Around a week ago the Sonic movie trailer was released, and fans were not happy. Following the trailer’s release, there was an uproar on the internet of unhappy Sonic fans. But why the backlash? The main complaint was referring to Sonic himself and how he looked. They erased the things that make Sonic look like Sonic. His iconic gloves? Replaced by small white fur hands. His unique eyes were replaced with two small eyes which do a bad job at showing facial expressions. His iconic red and white shoes were even bad. Even his body proportions were weird. It didn’t fit him well. They said they wanted to go for a more realism approach but what the designers don’t understand is you can give a realistic vibe while still sticking with a stylized design. 

Although many hated his design in general, there were a few shots where he doesn’t appear too bad but overall the internet was not happy. The backlash was so big that even the producer of the movie announced that they will be redesigning Sonic for the movie. Fans are hoping the redesign will do him more justice, but just because his design may be good doesn’t mean the movie will be good. The movie seems very cliche and like it’s been done before. If they had listened to fans in the first place then maybe this trailer wouldn’t have gotten so much hate. It’s obvious they had no one who actually knows about Sonic working on the movie. Although it may seem terrible now, maybe the movie will be good and there’s still a chance it can be saved. What do you think? Will the movie flop or will it surprise everyone?


“I somewhat liked the trailer and somewhat didn’t. I love lame jokes and the trailer was full of them. Yeah, some parts were icky because they were trying to make Sonic something he’s not. I think I’ll still go see it because I feel like I’ll enjoy it. It will be so bad that it’s funny.” – Eden Pena (12)


“The producers were not thinking straight. It honestly deserved more hate on the internet. It feels like the producers played a game of telephone with a thousand people and went off of what the one thousandth person described Sonic as. I won’t go see it unless they fix what they did to poor Sonic, they did him so dirty.” – Kihabet Alcorta (12)


“I’ve never been a huge fan of Sonic but even I can tell how bad his design was. He looks so gross and too human. I’ll probably only go see the movie just to make fun of it.” – Laura Vasquez (12)