Prom Candidates

Why should you win Prom Queen/King?

“I feel qualified to win because I’m greatly involved in school clubs and in the community. I spend my weekends giving back. I am involved in cultural and activism organizations. While this qualifies me to be Prom Queen, I know all the other candidates are equally deserving of it.” Clarissa (12)


“All through out high school I always left with a lot of what ifs, wonder what would’ve happened if I did, countless scenarios and I didn’t want to finish my senior year with regrets and “what ifs” and not really trying anything different so I gave it a shot and honestly it has been such a fun experience.” Samantha Villalobos (12)









“I don’t think I deserve to win I know walking into it that it was just for fun. I talked to other candidates and they said they weren’t gonna be as focused on it as well because we all know each other and it just a friendly competition.” -Nick (12)






“I think I should win prom queen because this would be one of the very few times I’m involved in something just for fun instead of academics and athletics. Also, prom is the same day as my 18th birthday so it’d be awesome to win prom queen on this crazy milestone of independence.” Mia placencia





I believe I should win prom queen because I along with my friends and family have worked really hard on my campaign. It was fun to get together and help and we would like to see it pay off. This is something I want to be able to look back and remember and even make a movie out of it when I become a filmmaker in the future to show every aspect that went into it.” -Kihabet Alcorta (12)









” I think I should win because I am involved in the school. For example I play sports for the school, and I also participate in the school spirited events, such as dress up weeks and powderpuff.”-Miguel santos (12)