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Prom Makeup/Hair

Prom is getting closer and closer. Several people are now looking for makeup ideas for the big day. Here are a few ideas on how some people are planning on doing there prom makeup and hair!


“I’m planning on going for a glam look, I mean it’s Prom why not? I’ve decided on doing my own hair and my makeup is going to be done by my auntie. I usually don’t wear too much makeup, but for special occasions I’ll go all out with my makeup. I am super excited for prom because it’s what I’ve been waiting for since I entered high school, and I’m really just excited about making memories with my boyfriend and my friends. It’ll be a good night for sures”- Kayla Tovar (12)
“I don’t know how I’m going to do my hair yet but I’m probably going to curl my hair and do something somewhat simple. For my makeup I plan on doing something natural but glowy. I don’t really like dramatic looks because it’s just too much makeup and it would look bad when I start getting oily or sweaty. I’m going to get my makeup done by my sister. I’m going to get my makeup done like something I would somewhat wear on the daily basis. I’m very excited for prom, I’m a little nervous and stressed but I can’t wait for it ! It’ll be a great time” -Stephanie Leon (12)
“I’m very excited for prom . I think that was the only thing I’ve been looking forward too since freshman year . I hope prom is fun and I’m really excited to get dressed up and make unforgettable memories with my friends and everyone else. How I am planning to do my hair is half up Into a Dutch braid while the rest down with beachy curls . I made an appointment for my hair since I’m not much for an expert at doing my hair. I wear makeup on a regular basis just a simple look but for prom I want to go all out so I’m doing an eyeshadow look (cut crease with some lipstick) luckily my coworker is an expert at makeup so she’ll be doing my makeup.” -Meredith Santana (12)
“For my makeup I plan on going for a natural look and for my hair I’m debating between loose curls or a low bun. I plan on doing my hair and makeup myself. I usually don’t wear makeup to school but sometimes I will. It’s more likely for me do do my makeup for special occasions only or on weekends. I’m really excited for prom but the closer it gets the more stressful it gets too but hopefully it’s a fun night.”- Teresa Gonzalez (12)
“I am planning to do a simple yet elegant look for prom. I am getting my hair and makeup done by my brother’s girlfriend who studied cosmetology. I wear makeup mostly on weekends I never wear it to school. I am excited for prom it’s an event that marks an end of a time period which is high school, at least it does for me.”- Abigail Leyva (12)


































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